Monday, June 7, 2010

07 Jun if you can't tell the last couple of weeks have been busy!! I left on the 22nd and went TAD to CA for a class...came back LATE that Wed and then had a iniform inspection on Thursday...went and checked out the house on Sat the 29th and weren't able to go in because Ray was the only one I will share a few shots I took from the door :) Matt, Abby, Peyton and I ate at Red Robin and then did a little shopping at Kohls and Old Navy...I then had 24 hour duty on the holiday and that SUCKED!!! so last week went pretty fast because all it did was rain until Friday! It did clear up enough for Ben to have practice last Thursday and then his final game on Friday...he did NOT have a good game on Friday...very withdrawn because he struck out and pretty much didn't play the rest of the game, so we didn't make the trip all the way down the island for them to play the last game on Sat. Matt and I went to Kim's kids school auction and had fun! She did ALOT of work as the school PTA president and it turned out WONDERFUL...I just went to take pictures and hang..all the kids artwork was soo cute....GOOD JOB KIM!!!! SO we didn't go see the house this past weekend because Ray was working by himself we will go this weekend and check it out again! We rented a new lens to try out for the camera and it came today!!!! can't wait to really play with it this weekend :) Also the kids went back to Stephanie's on the 1st and so far are loving it...they really liked Mrs B's but I think Abby really missed having KK to play with! here are a few pics from the past couple of weeks!

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