Sunday, January 31, 2010

31 Jan

so I am FINALLY catching up...its been a LONG it is in a nutshell:

26: came home and cleaned Ben's room on my lunch break {amazing what you can do when no one is home}...went to the gym at 0530
27: Matt was sick today...Sam picked up her finished plate and I went to the gym again today {my knees are killing me} laptop is OFFICIALLY dead now :( so I am working off of the desktop Matt put together for me awhile back...
28: Did more gym stuff today {my knees still killing me!!}..Peyton was JUST Peyton today!! UGGGHHHHHH....
29: we drove around on our lunch break and just kinda scoped out the houses in the area {found a few we liked}....went back to a neighborhood after work and actaully went into one of the open homes and got some we'll see...Peyton didn't have a nap today so he was asleep before we got home {we only live 10 mins from the babysitter!} Abby played with her PlayDoh while Peyton was napping and made "Krabby Patties!!!"...
30: I didn't feel good, woke up with a sore throat, but decided to take Abby to get her manicure and pedicure...she wasn't sure at first but then warmed up and got it done {Sam went with us and got a pedicure and I got my nails done}...then came home, got Ben and dropped him off at a birthday party..then went and got some drive thru lunch for the rest of us...Sam went to Katie's....stopped and got gas and cigs for Matt...then I was wiped out when I got home, took a nap with Peyton and slept until 7 pm {both os us}....even Ben took a nap after the birthday party! I felt so bad that I just got up, put my PJ's on and then laid on the sofa the rest of the night....
31: still stuffy, but feel a little better...cleaned a little house and did some laundry and Matt took Ben to go spend some of his money he still has leftover from XMAS....he got a Wii game that he wanted and Matt picked me up a cheap keyboard and mouse for like $20 at Wal-Mart...Ben still has $50 leftover so he is gonna save it to save up and buy a Nintendo he is hoping to get enough cash to buy one for himself after his birthday :) He is good about keeping his money until he wants something {unlike the rest of us~!}...

so I did keep up with my picture a day so here they are :) I still haven't taken one today, but I will :)

Monday, January 25, 2010

25 Jan

here are my pics for the day :) I left work early and went and got my hair cut and clored {shhhhh don't tell naybody}...and then Matt picked me up, we walked around and shopped a little and then went and had a late lunch at a local Mexican restaurant :) So the kids are eating anything that can be heated in the microwave and they are all OK with that :) I'll cook tomorrow night~

I am going to enter the last picture in a contest at this blog!!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010


YEAH BABY..MIAMI HERE WE COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so yes, we are Colts fans!!! I had duty on Friday {24 hours and it always sucks} then hit the commissary and bought $438 worth of groceries :( and then packed my stuff up and headed to Jaci's to scrapbook!!!!I managed to finish 14 pages and make it to June in my 2007 album!!! I hope to get done in the next couple months so I can only be 2 years behind instead of 3!!!! Nadine brought Ding Dong cake and I managed to bring quite a bit home and I have been eating on it all day!!! the kids had popsicles, cake, and slim jims for breakfast...I just didn't have the energy to cook breakfast! but we did have steaks for dinner!!!!

so here are my pics....

Peyton with his favorite things....blanket, pillow, lion and finger!!!}

Sam and Dakota

Lighthouse at Ft Casey

Peyton after enjoying Ding Dong Cake!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

21 Jan

so it has been CRAZY busy at home and work!!!!! Don't even remember half of it and too lazy to look in my log your memory binder to recall it!!! But today I s changing Peyton on the sofa and putting his clothes on when Fugs sorta fell down off the back of the sofa and scratched Peyton across the face :( I thought he got him in the eye, but he just scratched his face...when I dropped him off at daycare I let her know to call me if he didnt fel better or started favoring his eye. But I guess he laid down a little bit and then was fine. They spent 2 hours at the park this afternoon! I am so ready to get some scrapping doen at Jaci's this weekend! Think I need to get some pictures printed though, but I am gonna have to look :) and there won't be a blog post tomorrow since I have 24 hour duty at work :(

the wine bottle that mama made for me for XMAS 'cause my other one broke!!! I LOVE it!!! she drilled a hole in the back and put small XMAS lights in it and then decorated it

Ben with his gapped teeth!! he still has 2 permanent teeth that haven't grown in on the top :)

and poor dubs and his cat scratch :(

Monday, January 18, 2010

18 Jan

Noting exciting today...we just chilled all day but the weather was very nice! I am still getting the hang of my 50 mm lens and getting things in focus, but I got another great picture of Peyton eating a leftover cupcake from Abby's birthday!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

17 Jan

nothing exciting today! The kids did get a bath, but I just put new PJ's on so it was less laundry I had to wash! The Chargers lost!!!!!!!!!! Go JETS! If you aren't aware we are Colts fans and they probably have a better chance against the Jets than the Chargers! Peyton slept for over 12 hours last night!! SO NICE!!! Matt tried to play Moo Uno with them, but Peyton gets a little too destructive!!! We will have to play with Abby when Peyton takes a nap! So I was working on decorating my blog {thanks to Melissa over at SSD} and so I needed my reading glasses to read the directions...I got up and Peyton decided he needed to wear them! So today's picture is him wearing my glasses!!! and I thought I would share my digital layput for my week 1 pics :) so that's it for now, check in tomorrow! by the way, the more I use my 50mm lens, the more I LOVE it!!!!!! today's picture is with that lens!

{click on the layout to see the credits :) }

Saturday, January 16, 2010

16 Jan Little Behind I am a little behind on my blog posting, but I do have all my pics, just have to get them uploaded!!! Ben got a new haircut on was much needed...qand evidently nothing really note worthy has happened since then :P but I did go out with my "sistahs" last night and we had alot of fun...we ate at a local fancy restaurant, but I only had and appetizer because I didn't think I could eat a big meal and it was wonderful and all I needed!!!! I got the Calamri with bleu cheese dressing {which I do not like} but it was WONDERFUL!!!! Jaci got the tomatoes and mozzarella appetizer, Connie got chicken and waffles and Judy got the surf and turf and we all shared! Then Judy had room for cheesecake and we all had a little bite, it was DELICIOUS!!!! And of corase we took a goofy self timer picture before leaving! I will share it as my picture of the day for the 15th! The kids got their XMAS presents from my mom today and were pretty excited...but it's kinda funny that Peyton liked the dancing penguin thing the best!!!! He LOVES anything that moves and sings!!! Matt already put his Colts mug int he freezer and Abby is playing with her puppy dog! Ben is outside playing, so I will see what he got when he comes back in!

Gonna have sour cream enchiladas for dinner...YUM I gotta go get cracking...if anything changes between now and then I'll be back!!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

13 Jan Sam Worked today

at Safeway! the school DECA took over Safeway for the day...the kids rotated between 9 different stations such as bagging, the deli, the bakery, meat dept, etc.....I went on my lunch break and caught Sam in the middle of bagging...I kinda snuck up on her without her knowing! Of coarse then she wanted me to go around and take some pictures of her friends working! So I took a few! Then she worked the open house at school for the brand new part of the high school that opened...then she wanted matt to give her the chips and salsa and he told her no...she said "I worked today" and Matt said "it sucks don't it" and Sam said "not really, it was fun"....Matt said "now do it everyday!"....she has some kind of competition tomorrow for school so we'll see how that goes...

Abby and Peyton are both wearing their Spongebob jammies tonight and I did snag a picture...they were running down the hall!

also here is a shot of Ben's new KICKS and he will HAVE to start learning to tie his shoes now!

and I went to Dawn's blog and thought it was kewl reading about her trying to take a picture in the mirror, so I was sort of inspired to take Abby's picture while she was brushing her's not great, but still kinda neat!

ohhh....I forgot to add that Ben got his "pro" status in Wii bowling last night!!! and Mom bowled a 274 tonight!!!!! 8 strikes in a row and then I screwed it up~ so come on Grandma and Crampa! but of coarse ow my arm and neck hurt because I swing the controler so hard when I bowl!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

12 Jan

so here's today's picture! I wanted to get a picture of Sam because se was dressed so cute today in her little skirt she bought at Forever 21, but she changed as soon as she got home form school today ....

check out the Miller 6 Pack to see how our day went!
This is girlfriend trying to get some petting attention from you think it worked???? NOPE...

Monday, January 11, 2010

11 Jan

11/365 I started my retirement class today {even though i is a year out} and I got ALOT of was information OVERLOAD! so at lunchtime I went and got a binder and some paper to keep it all organized!!! I took a TON of notes and learned alot! Today's picture is Abby in her new Spongebob PJ's!! She says "I LUB these peejamas!!!" her and Peyton both have Spongebob PJ's!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

10 Jan 10

Abby's birthday...she had a blast and instead of retyping everything you can check out the details at the Miller 6 Pack here are just a few of the pics to share :)

09 Jan

so I am lateposting but today was Ben's day! he and Matt spent like 2 hours putting together his star wars lego ship! it turned out super kewl! I spent like 2 hours ordering Abby's cake, getting stuff to make goodie bags, finding her some presents and stopping by the commissary and get just a few things! so here is Ben's picture for the day!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

08 Jan

new week and I am late posting my pics, but I did take them :) yesterday was Matt's day for his picture! and I got a picture of Dubs asleep as we pulled in the driveway!!!

and if you like the little frames I got them at the sweet shoppe :)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

07 Jan

and I am still trucking...super tired tonight, but I must be determined and stick with it!!!! Ben was sick today, so he stayed home with Matt...poor kid..but chek out the Miller 6 Pack Blog to see about our day~

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

06 Jan

so I thought I had a picture planned for the day, but then I got a call from Ben's school and who would've thought...he FELL in a mudpuddle at school and I had to go get him because he was soaked from head to toe!! So I went to get him and all I could do was laugh at least he laughed too! I took him home and got him out of his wet clothes and into a hot bath ...SERIOUSLY!!!! but that is the sotry behind the picture of the day today!!! such is the life at the Miller 6 pack household!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

05 Jan

so far so good!!! I got a cute picture of Abby this morning on the way put the door...she wasn't thrilled, but I took it anyway and it is very cute! She likes her hat, scarf and jacket Grandma gave her for XMAS! I also got this funny picture of Peyton in Ben's old Spiderman robe! It is way too big, but really cute on him and Abby says {as they are getting out of the tub} "I want one of those" I guess I will be getting her a little bathrobe for her b-day this weekend :)

p.s. do you like the new blog template? I like the colors...I want to persoanlize it more, but don't have the time right now!

Monday, January 4, 2010

04 Jan

so I am still here and hanging strong! super tired from staying up wayyyyy too late playing Mario Kart with the kids! I actually have 3 pictures today and you can read the "Notes" to see what thye are all about! They are actually pretty funny {well, at least 2 of them are!} until tomorrow :)