Wednesday, January 13, 2010

13 Jan Sam Worked today

at Safeway! the school DECA took over Safeway for the day...the kids rotated between 9 different stations such as bagging, the deli, the bakery, meat dept, etc.....I went on my lunch break and caught Sam in the middle of bagging...I kinda snuck up on her without her knowing! Of coarse then she wanted me to go around and take some pictures of her friends working! So I took a few! Then she worked the open house at school for the brand new part of the high school that opened...then she wanted matt to give her the chips and salsa and he told her no...she said "I worked today" and Matt said "it sucks don't it" and Sam said "not really, it was fun"....Matt said "now do it everyday!"....she has some kind of competition tomorrow for school so we'll see how that goes...

Abby and Peyton are both wearing their Spongebob jammies tonight and I did snag a picture...they were running down the hall!

also here is a shot of Ben's new KICKS and he will HAVE to start learning to tie his shoes now!

and I went to Dawn's blog and thought it was kewl reading about her trying to take a picture in the mirror, so I was sort of inspired to take Abby's picture while she was brushing her's not great, but still kinda neat!

ohhh....I forgot to add that Ben got his "pro" status in Wii bowling last night!!! and Mom bowled a 274 tonight!!!!! 8 strikes in a row and then I screwed it up~ so come on Grandma and Crampa! but of coarse ow my arm and neck hurt because I swing the controler so hard when I bowl!


  1. good for her! What a neat thing that is!

    I love your photos...the little ones are so cute in their jammies! :)

  2. that is such a cool thing she got to do! I love all the pics you have snapped!

  3. hehehe I love those jammies!!! so cute!