Saturday, January 16, 2010

16 Jan Little Behind I am a little behind on my blog posting, but I do have all my pics, just have to get them uploaded!!! Ben got a new haircut on was much needed...qand evidently nothing really note worthy has happened since then :P but I did go out with my "sistahs" last night and we had alot of fun...we ate at a local fancy restaurant, but I only had and appetizer because I didn't think I could eat a big meal and it was wonderful and all I needed!!!! I got the Calamri with bleu cheese dressing {which I do not like} but it was WONDERFUL!!!! Jaci got the tomatoes and mozzarella appetizer, Connie got chicken and waffles and Judy got the surf and turf and we all shared! Then Judy had room for cheesecake and we all had a little bite, it was DELICIOUS!!!! And of corase we took a goofy self timer picture before leaving! I will share it as my picture of the day for the 15th! The kids got their XMAS presents from my mom today and were pretty excited...but it's kinda funny that Peyton liked the dancing penguin thing the best!!!! He LOVES anything that moves and sings!!! Matt already put his Colts mug int he freezer and Abby is playing with her puppy dog! Ben is outside playing, so I will see what he got when he comes back in!

Gonna have sour cream enchiladas for dinner...YUM I gotta go get cracking...if anything changes between now and then I'll be back!!!


  1. I love these pictures!! They so brought a smile to my face!! The one where she has the money - Priceless!!! What a great weekend you are having do far!!!

  2. So cute! I love her expression with the $10 bill!

  3. So cute Angie! Looks like you girls had a ton of fun for girls night out!