Sunday, January 24, 2010


YEAH BABY..MIAMI HERE WE COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so yes, we are Colts fans!!! I had duty on Friday {24 hours and it always sucks} then hit the commissary and bought $438 worth of groceries :( and then packed my stuff up and headed to Jaci's to scrapbook!!!!I managed to finish 14 pages and make it to June in my 2007 album!!! I hope to get done in the next couple months so I can only be 2 years behind instead of 3!!!! Nadine brought Ding Dong cake and I managed to bring quite a bit home and I have been eating on it all day!!! the kids had popsicles, cake, and slim jims for breakfast...I just didn't have the energy to cook breakfast! but we did have steaks for dinner!!!!

so here are my pics....

Peyton with his favorite things....blanket, pillow, lion and finger!!!}

Sam and Dakota

Lighthouse at Ft Casey

Peyton after enjoying Ding Dong Cake!!!!!!!!!


  1. Ummm, that lighthouse pic is copyrighted, and I know for a FACT that you didn't provide the proper payment to the holder of the aforementioned copyright.



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