Thursday, January 21, 2010

21 Jan

so it has been CRAZY busy at home and work!!!!! Don't even remember half of it and too lazy to look in my log your memory binder to recall it!!! But today I s changing Peyton on the sofa and putting his clothes on when Fugs sorta fell down off the back of the sofa and scratched Peyton across the face :( I thought he got him in the eye, but he just scratched his face...when I dropped him off at daycare I let her know to call me if he didnt fel better or started favoring his eye. But I guess he laid down a little bit and then was fine. They spent 2 hours at the park this afternoon! I am so ready to get some scrapping doen at Jaci's this weekend! Think I need to get some pictures printed though, but I am gonna have to look :) and there won't be a blog post tomorrow since I have 24 hour duty at work :(

the wine bottle that mama made for me for XMAS 'cause my other one broke!!! I LOVE it!!! she drilled a hole in the back and put small XMAS lights in it and then decorated it

Ben with his gapped teeth!! he still has 2 permanent teeth that haven't grown in on the top :)

and poor dubs and his cat scratch :(


  1. Aww, poor baby -- that scratch must have hurt!

    Oh, and my DD has gaps like that too -- still waiting for her canines to come in!

  2. I wub how he sucks his fingers! seriously! SO cute. Hopefully things slow down some for you guys!

  3. aww poor little guy...right now I am covered in scratches from my cat. See she sometimes scratches when you pick her up so I decided to cut her claws a little so they were not so sharp. Well let me tell you cats do not like their claws being cut and I swear she scratched me no less then a dozen times LOL

  4. That is a really neat wine bottle. Mine have had more than a few cat scratches in the past year

  5. aww I love your catch up! That wine bottle is seriously seriously cute! I want one!