Tuesday, March 30, 2010

30 Mar

so we checked the mail today and got a box from Quadrant! It was a coffee mug!!! you would think $315K would get you more than a mug :) hahahahahaha....but actaully it is a nice thought and we also got a $150 dining out card good to lots of restaurants in the area {and that was just for referring somebody to go look!}...we get $500 if somebody buys! I made sausage biscuits and gravy for dinner {but I also made it for work because our little cafetaria is closed all week so be are having a breakfast fundraiser}...I forgot to tell you guys that we had a conversation on Sunday night:

Mom to Sam: "Sam, let Choncho out"
Sam: "You let him out, I'm busy ...{the cat is sitting on her lap and she doesn't want to get up}
Mom to Sam again: "Sam get up and let him out"
Sam to Abby: "Abby, go let Chonco out"
Abby to Sam: {with a plate of cut pickels on her lap} "I'm busy too!!!!"

that girl is too smart for her own good!!!!! ok, chat with you gus tomorrow, hopefully! Kim just chatted with me on Facebook and said How To Train A Dragon was cute so maybe I can get off early Friday and take Sam and Ben to see it or even just me and Ben! Think he would like a trip to the movies by himself with mom! So we'll see how it goes!!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

29 Mar

Well, Matt still wasn't feeling well today so he didn't go to work....it was POURING when we left this morning and the kids and I were wet when we got into Lovette's house! And some lady pulled up behind me with her 2 kids, got out, walked to Lovette's house and then realized she was at the wrong house!!! HELLOOOOOO!!!! It was kinda funny! We have no cafeteria for the week so I helped one of the committees with a sandwich sale today and then we are doing breakfast on Wed and then a Spaghetti sale on Thursday! So I am going to make biscuits and gravy and Kim is gonna make a breakfast casserole! And we will have some other donated stuff as well! Got home and went to take Ben to baseball practice and on the way the coach called and said the field was just way to wet for them to practice in! So we headed back home! Sam's little friend Miranda came by to visit...she is her visiting her dad for spring break....ok Maryann, here are my pictures I am finally caatching up with!!!

See what we bought!!!!! and we hsve been watching it for a week straight!!! at least once a day!

He is soooo sweet when he is sleeping with his lion and pillow!

Matt cut the grass today!!! can you tell??

This is a little book that Ben and I picked out for Abby at the book fair at school

Mom's day...so it is mom and Peyton!

Abby drama because Peyton got the "cars" towel and she didn't...this was going to be a picture of Peyton with bubbles but the drama picture was much better!!!

Ben's Whimpy Kid Collection

by the way...if you have not bought Princess and the Frog, you NEED TOO!!!! it is probably one of the best Disney movies made in a long time!!! I LOVE IT!!!!

ok...it is 930 pm but I couldn't pass up sharing this picture of Abby and Peyton dancing to out favorite song in the Princess and the Frog! It is straight out of the camera and I basically just uploaded it!!! just had to share it!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

28 Mar

so I am slowly but surely catching up my my weekly digi pages for the year! I am about 3 weeks behind! I will share a few of the ones I have done lately! I am also keeping up with my picture a day, but I haven't gotten them all uploaded this week! I took Sam out driving for about an hour today and we learned a little bit of about parking in the school parking lot! I also went to the commissary and got the kids a few things to snack on during the week since it is spring break! Peyton pretty much didn't take a nap today so at 815 pm, he was in bed whether he wanted to be or not!!! Sam, Ben and Abby are all sittign ont he same sofa {with a cat as well} watching Matt play the PS3 {Matt is on the same sofa too!!!} The wind got pretty bad here this afternoon, but looks like it has calmed down a bit! I have all the kids Easter stuff just need to put their baskets together~Gonna miss going to Oregon for Easter, but know we need to save up our money for our new house! Gonna need a few things to fill it when we move in {Sam and Ben each need new beds..nothing fancy, but just something...and we will probably need a new sofa/love seat...and of coarse we want to paint!!!!}....so we are gonna miss the Miller clan this Easter, but hope to see them soon!

Friday, March 26, 2010

26 mar

so it was a rough day in the Miller household today! Matt went home with a strained next after a shot of Toradol and some T3's! Then I went to physical therapy for and hour and I guess my back and hips were a little out of week hence the knee pain and arm pain. 2 weeks of physical therapy and a follow up and hopefully it will eb better! We sent 3 little kittens away today! 2 went to Sam's friends house and 1 went home with Kim for Aaron! So I hope they do well tonight being alone :) I put in the "UP" movie and all of a sudden Abby realized it was jut me and her in the living room and says "Well Mom, I guess it's just us!!!!"...I said "Where is Peyton"...Abby "I think he is asleep with dad"...well I got to lok and sure enough they are snoozing in the bed together! But then I came back int he living room and Abby was out of it!!!! So it ended up being just me!!! She is still asleep at 921 pm! We have baseball practice again tomorrow at 0800 am so I guess I will try to get in bed, read a little and then get up to take Ben to practice!!! I guess if it is nice I will get Sam out driving this weekend too!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

25 Mar

so today was very busy...Ben had student/parent teacher conference at 10 and then Sam had to be at school from 1020-1040 for a presentation! Good thing I dropped her off early because I wasn't done with Ben's until alomst 11!!!! I guess he kinda shuts down when one of the kids says something or disruptes him in class, so we tried to figure out a way to get him back out of that and the teacher and counselor said that if he would just let them know what the problem is that they could help him work it out. The teacher thinks it is one kid in particular but she wanted to see if Ben had a problem with that one kid and he said it was no one in particular. o she has given him an option now where he can go to another little cubby and work uninterrupted if somebody bothers him like that again and he said OK :) She said he is doing WONDEFULLY academically, so she has no worries there! So I let him stop by the book fair and he got the Diary of a Whimpy Kid {about the making of the movie} and he has already read almost half of it! And we picked out a Princess and the Frog book for Abby. She really liked it! Then Ben had baseball practice from 5-630! SO I am going to try and go to bed soon and read a little more in my book!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

24 Mar

not much today....Peyton had little blsters on his feet from his Crocs!!! Guess he has bigger feet than I thought! Then they went outside barefoot when we got home {it was really nice} and then Matt cut the grass so needless to say they had grass stained feet when they came back in!!! And I am not sure if I got it all off when I put them in the bath!!!! We have parent teacher conference tomorrow with Ben! And Sam managed to give away a orange baby and I think Kim is gonna take a little black one! so 2 gone {potentially} and 2 to go!!! I also hope they start to get our foundation poured sometime this week or next. Just waiting for an email back from Ray to check onthe progress!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

23 Mar

so we picked up Toy Story and Toy Story 2 today and I was going to put them in Peyton's Easter basket and Matt said I should just give the movies to them. So I did...and Peyton was thrilled!!!! They started with the 1st one and about 20 mins into the 2nd one he got comfortable on the sofa and fell asleep!!!! So I took a nap at the same time! I am going to physical therapy on Friday for my arm and my knee...my arm is actually hurting worse because if I lay on it wrong, it really hurts when I move...so we'll see how I feel after Friday! No more high impact stuff {at least for a month!}...I washed Abby's blanket {since she had an accident last night} and I took it out and it is a mess!!! it is basically just a ball of string now! I am going to see if I can kind of put it away and see if she can find another blanket she really likes....she manage to fall asleep tonight without it no problem...I told her it was still inthe washing machine and then she just went to bed! Didn't even get her PJ's on!!! One of Sam's friends is coming by tomorrow with her stepmom and they are going to pick out a kitten, so I am pretty excited about that...but I told Sam they couldn't have the little black runt because hopefully he will be calling the Post family home soon :) I too my picture today, but didn't get a chance to upload, so I will try to share tomorrow!!! This makes 3 days in a row, aren't you guys proud!!!! And I am excited that sister Jaci is going to tile in her kitchen {backsplash}!!!!! I may just have to go over and help so I can see how it is done!!!! so I am off to bed! I shouldn't have taken the nap!!!!!

Monday, March 22, 2010


so I am managing to post 2 days in a row, are you gus SHOCKED!!!! Sam tells me at 11 pm last night that we have to go to her presentation from 1020-1040 on Thursday and of coarse Ben's parent teacher conference is at 10am!!! SO I told Matt he will have to go to one and I will have to go to another! I guess it's a good thing that only 2 of them are in school now!!!Peyton REFUSED to go to bed last night, but FINALLY did after 11 pm!!! }BTW, guess what we are watching again....Princess and the Frog!!!!}....so I got him up this morning and he actually went back to sleep on the sofa before we left. He has NEVER done that before! Matt rubbed him on his back and said "good morning DUBS, get up get up...that's what happens when we stay up until the wee hours of the night!!!"....Tpday was just a sucky day at work, TYPICAL Monday! but I did get to talk to HMCM Countryman this morning from Kuwait! He called to say he got our package and THANKS! Good to chat with him for a little bit! He said he would come to my retirement ceremony if I did it while he was back here on R&R...so MAYBE I will do a ceremony...we'll see! Then it was rush rush rish when we got home because Ben had baseball practice tonight from 5-630 pm! So it was "anything in the microwave" dinner tonight! Matt says to Abby "tell mom what you almost did today!"...Abby to me "Mom, I ALMOST touched the moon!!!"....then Peyton says the smae thing right behind her but with "mooooooon"...so today's picture is Ben with his new Colorado Rockies baseball hat!!!

this is what it did late yesterday afternoon!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

21 Mar

so we had another long week again this week! Ben started baseball practice and had it at 0800 yesterday morning! so much for sleeping in! then Abby and Peyton were both up at 0715 this monring!!!! I guess that don't adjust to the time change! Matt and Sam went to the Commissary today because I woke up with my oeft knee hurting really bad...old age is starting to really suck!!!! Sam has 1 more week of driver's ed and ten she has to do 15 hours of driving with us. Spring was sort of here this weekend...the sun came out, but it was still pretty gloomy and overcast yesterday and today. So Ben FINALLY got another haircut today {much needed} then Abby got a bang trim and Peyton said he wanted a haircut again so needless to say, he looks like a little boy again! I bought Princess adn the Frog yesterday and we have watched it over and over and are watchign it again now! I don't mind because it is done so well and the music is great! And it keeps Abby, Ben and Peyton occupied for a little while!!!! Everybody but Ben has had their baths, the laundry is almost done and I cleaned and reorganized Abby and Peyton's room yesterday!

Matt said today "for 2000 more square feet!!!" as they are all running around screaming and arguing! the time will not come soon enough for them to have their OWN spaces! we found out that what we are living in is roughly 1000 square feet!!! just not enough space with 6 people! and now it is pouring outside, so hopefully spring will show up here shortly!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

16 Mar

I don't have much today, but wanted to make sure that I posted that Peyton pooped int eh toliet today at Mrs. B's house!!!! We haven't really even addressed the potty trainign thing, but this makes the 2nd time he has gone! The 1st time he took all of his clothes off and went to the potty at home! Also, COurtney and Luke are seriously thinking of buying a house in the same neighborhood as us! They are just waiting for one to be built with the floor plan that they like so they can actually walk through it and have a visual before the "sign away"!!!! So it will be kinda nice to have some familiar faces close by! Plus they have a daughter named Abbey too! {he is about Abby Lou's same age!!!}....Stephanie gets her state inspection on Thrusday, so hopefully the kids will get to go back to her sometime next month. Well, that is all for now, so I will try to start keeping up to date a little better!!!

p.s. I have been waiting for my IKEA catalog and Matt says tonight...."do you want this catalog???".....HELLLOOOOOO....he had it on his computer desk! So I went through it and got a few ideas {cheap ones} for basically storage and organization stuff! I gave my kitchen idea book to Jaci to look over...little too overwhelming for me!!!!

p.s.s. and right now Sam has a B in her math class which she has struggled with all year!!! We gave her a hard time and said "the year ain't over yet" and she stuck her tongue out at us!!!! so I hope she can keep it up! She has about 1 more week of driver's ed and then she basically has to practice with us and then she can get her license! Will be nice for her and us I think!!!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

14 Mar

boy has it been a LONNNNGGGGG week.....we started the week with Matt's birthday and went to Mt Vernon and had dinner at Outback....then we met up for Connie's birthdya on Wednesday...then I had duty on Thrursday...then off to Bellevue again in Saturay to do our final choices for the house...we odecided to get 12x12 tile on the island, cable in all the kids bedrooms, a faucet outlet in the back of the house and have it wired for a 50 AMP plug in the back so we could eventually put a hot tub in...we decided on a darker grey for the shakes and we kept with the light grey color and burgundy door and shutters....we stopped at the mall on the way home and returned Peyton's Crocs {which ended up being too small still!!!} and got a few things the the Disney Store and bookstore....we picked up Peyton a pair of Buzz Lightyear PJ's....and today Abby managed to push him off the sofa into the edge of the coffee table, so he now has a nice little egg on the upper right side of his head! the joys of toddlres! they always keep us on our toes!!!! but I have been keeping up with my pics for the week, so here they are!!!!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

07 Mar

so it has been another busy week for us!!! the whole house thing has just taken up ALOT of time!!! Sam is still in driving classes and we had a few beautiful days this past week so the kids spent a couple of days outside. We went back to the showroom and did our electrical appt. We also TOTALLY changed our kitchen cabinets, flooring and countertops!!! We decided on cherry cabinets, lighter floors and a really nice laminate countertop{which will be the same countertops int he bathrooms}...we also decided on satin nickel for all the fixtures including the bathroom fixtures, door knobs and outside light fixtures. We also decided on recessed lights in the kitchen and family room and we got an overhead light in all the bedrooms so we can add ceiling fans or change out fixtures if we want to! We also got all the cable and electrical that we wanted as well. We go back next Saturday for our final showroom selections...then these are the next steps:
1. get our final loan approval
2. get building permits
3. then house gets released for construction
4. then there is a bit of a holding pattern until our house is released
5. in this time frame they will ppoour the foundation and prepare the site for construction
6. once construction starts it is a 54 day process {not including weekends, scheduled days off and unexcoted days off for things such as bad weather}

so we are READY and I think after our FINAL choices, it will be sooo much easier! e stopped at the mall and I grabbed Abby a new Princess beach towel and Peyton a pair of Crocs! Got him and his Crocs are too small so I am going to take them back next week and exchange them...then we stopped by the site and talked with Ray and Matt feels alot better now that they actually staked out the property so we could see where the back of the house was actually going to be. Then Sat Ben had baseball tryouts and made some new friends and will hopefully get to play on his Coach Russel's team again {the 1st coach he had}....he did REALLY well fielding, throwing and batting! He hit ALL the balls that were thrown to him! So he is pretty excited about playing! I went to check out the thrift stores today but they were closed! So I stopped by Home Depot and picked up some wood to start working on Abby and Peyton's little wall project...I did get some chalkboard paint but I am also gonna try to find some magnetic paint to make a couple of the squares magnetic...
matt got his package from Denny and Marlee today and Abby and Peyton had a blast popping the bubble wrap! So here are this week's pics....I know I haven't been keeping up like I should, but I have been keeping up with the picture a day!!! so until next time!