Monday, March 22, 2010


so I am managing to post 2 days in a row, are you gus SHOCKED!!!! Sam tells me at 11 pm last night that we have to go to her presentation from 1020-1040 on Thursday and of coarse Ben's parent teacher conference is at 10am!!! SO I told Matt he will have to go to one and I will have to go to another! I guess it's a good thing that only 2 of them are in school now!!!Peyton REFUSED to go to bed last night, but FINALLY did after 11 pm!!! }BTW, guess what we are watching again....Princess and the Frog!!!!} I got him up this morning and he actually went back to sleep on the sofa before we left. He has NEVER done that before! Matt rubbed him on his back and said "good morning DUBS, get up get up...that's what happens when we stay up until the wee hours of the night!!!"....Tpday was just a sucky day at work, TYPICAL Monday! but I did get to talk to HMCM Countryman this morning from Kuwait! He called to say he got our package and THANKS! Good to chat with him for a little bit! He said he would come to my retirement ceremony if I did it while he was back here on R& MAYBE I will do a ceremony...we'll see! Then it was rush rush rish when we got home because Ben had baseball practice tonight from 5-630 pm! So it was "anything in the microwave" dinner tonight! Matt says to Abby "tell mom what you almost did today!"...Abby to me "Mom, I ALMOST touched the moon!!!"....then Peyton says the smae thing right behind her but with "mooooooon" today's picture is Ben with his new Colorado Rockies baseball hat!!!

this is what it did late yesterday afternoon!!

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