Monday, March 29, 2010

29 Mar

Well, Matt still wasn't feeling well today so he didn't go to was POURING when we left this morning and the kids and I were wet when we got into Lovette's house! And some lady pulled up behind me with her 2 kids, got out, walked to Lovette's house and then realized she was at the wrong house!!! HELLOOOOOO!!!! It was kinda funny! We have no cafeteria for the week so I helped one of the committees with a sandwich sale today and then we are doing breakfast on Wed and then a Spaghetti sale on Thursday! So I am going to make biscuits and gravy and Kim is gonna make a breakfast casserole! And we will have some other donated stuff as well! Got home and went to take Ben to baseball practice and on the way the coach called and said the field was just way to wet for them to practice in! So we headed back home! Sam's little friend Miranda came by to visit...she is her visiting her dad for spring break....ok Maryann, here are my pictures I am finally caatching up with!!!

See what we bought!!!!! and we hsve been watching it for a week straight!!! at least once a day!

He is soooo sweet when he is sleeping with his lion and pillow!

Matt cut the grass today!!! can you tell??

This is a little book that Ben and I picked out for Abby at the book fair at school

Mom's it is mom and Peyton!

Abby drama because Peyton got the "cars" towel and she didn't...this was going to be a picture of Peyton with bubbles but the drama picture was much better!!!

Ben's Whimpy Kid Collection

by the way...if you have not bought Princess and the Frog, you NEED TOO!!!! it is probably one of the best Disney movies made in a long time!!! I LOVE IT!!!! is 930 pm but I couldn't pass up sharing this picture of Abby and Peyton dancing to out favorite song in the Princess and the Frog! It is straight out of the camera and I basically just uploaded it!!! just had to share it!

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