Wednesday, July 14, 2010

14 July

well tomorrow is the day!!!!!! and right now this is what our house looks like! everyolne is asleep and I am just chilling and watching a little TV since I know the next 3-4 days are going to be CRAZY! so Abby and Peyton are going to sleep over at Stephanie's tomorrow so it will just be Me, Matt and Ben :) so Ben will get to sleep int he new house for the 1st night :) I bet he will be super excited!His summer program is taking their weekly field trip tomorrow and they are going ot the Woodland Park Zoo! Ben is actually pretty excited to go! SO while Ben was taking a bath, I started packing up all the stuff in the kitchen cabinets {food wise} so when he got out and walked back in the kitchen and said "how are we gonna eat!!!!" I told him "we aren't!!!!"...then I told him we will be in the new house the next time we eat! SO we will probably treat Ben to dinner out in Mount Vernon tomorrow night! Well, so this is it for now...we will nto have internet until sometime late Saturday afternoon :) Wish us luck!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

13 Jul

WELL IT'S OFFICIAL...WE ARE 1ST TIME HOME OWNERS!!!! we started our walk through at 0800 and then by the time we were done with our paperwork it was 1130!!!! BUt our construction superintendent was super knowledgable and walked us through EVERTHING!!! feel much better after that! she founda few little nicks and scratches that needed to be fixed, but that's it! We went and had lunch at the Olive Garden and then went and did a little shopping and grabbed some school clothes from Sam and Ben on sale {never hurts to start early!} and then we went furniture shopping {more like furniture looking!} but we did find a nice sectional we liked that was priced really well, so we will see what we have left over after we get paid for our own move....we will be buying a fridge and washer 1st and everything else will be extras :) we did pick up a cute Toy Story 3 poster and frame for Peyton at Michael's! Matt actually found the poster and the frames happened to be 40% here are the picsk from today...our door is painted, but I didn't get a picture because the painter was there to touch it up :)

and I had to share these...this is a girl that I met online {her name is Misty} and oddly enpugh she is an Oak Harbor High School graduate! Born and raised in Oak Harbor~~~~ She comes to visit her parents, who still live here, every 4th of July! So we met up, chatted and had a Satrbicks {I had hot chocolate :)}....and I found out that after we move, she will only be about 30-45 minutes away so we will meet up again! SMALL WORLD!

and I went to check on Peyton last night {who actaully fell asleep BEFORE Abby and this is how I foud him! I thnk Abby covered him up all nice and neat and put his little animals around him, but I thpught he was just too funny actaully sleeping with his hand like that over his face!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

07 Jul

so another warm day here in Oak Harbor! It was WONDERFUL except Ben had to get his last tooth pulled and his bottom spacer put in..but he was good by the end of the day and was playing with Abby and Peyton out in the sprinkler! But by the time it was bettime, Ben had managed to misplace his "tooth"...but eventually it was found and is now under his pillow!

And when I checked my email I found these FABULOUS pictures from Ray!!! I believe the Fence MAY BE Peyton proof, but we'll see! Thanks to Ray for addressing our concerns! 6 days and counting!