Sunday, July 4, 2010

4th of July

so I suppose it has been awhile since I updated! well I killed another hard drive and am hoping to get it back somehow! Sam left with Katie until the 17th....Ben is getting another tooth pulled on Wednesday....We have done ALOT of packing over the last week ...Sam did ALOT before she left {some the majority of the boxes are in her room and the living room!} if we didn't have space before, we SURELY don't have space now!!!! Ben, Peyton and I went and checked out the house yesterday, only thing I am concerned with is the fence not being completely enclosed in the back so we will see what happens. The fact that I paid for a FENCE to ENCLOSE my yard and right not it does NOT, really bothers me! Other than that, it looks really nice and I just think we are ready to move! They had the garbage dipsosal switch on the right side of the sink and we voiced our concerns and they fixed it, so we will see if they fix the fence. If the don't then I am going to tell them to take that off of our purchase price, so we'll see.... We did sparklers in the backyard tonight and the kids had alot of fun....watched a few fireworks from across the road and are now inside watching Star Wars on TV! So here are some recent pics to share!

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