Friday, January 28, 2011

28 Jan Catching up

I finally catching up with the blog...I'll just share the pics for now but I will be back later to catch up up to date...

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Monday, January 10, 2011

10 Jan Happy Birthday Abby

Ben’s school was 2 hours late and since I couldn’t get out the driveway in the Camaro, I rescheduled Sam and Ben’s dentist appts. Then when Ben did go to catch the bus it had already gone by so he just spent the day with me. I feel like I am coming down with a cold. Matt got home and we left shortly after to go to Sam’s award presentation. She got her award at the Oak Harbor School district meeting. Abby went with us, Then we headed to Wal-Mart to do some grocery shopping and so Abby could spend her $20 from Grandma Karen and her $20 Wal-Mart card from Nana! Abby decided on the movie Flushed away and got a Ladybug pillow pet :) Wanted to make sure we had groceries in case we get snowed in for a couple of days! Sam and I are gonna stay up and watch the movie Inception.

09 Jan

We woke up this morning to find out that Mount Vernon was getting covered in snow! Luckily throughout the day the roads were clear. Well, we went and exchanged Matt’s shirt, Abby and Ben’s jackets and I found a few other things at Freddie’s with Marylee. Sam went with Karen to exchange her sweatshirt at the mall and then we headed home around 415pm. We made it about an hour out of Oregon and it started snowing! Luckily it only lasted about 10 miles and turned in to rain. We made good time and made it home by 915 pm. Our street and the whole neighborhood was blanketed in snow!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

08 Jan

So it was a crazy day at the Portland Miller’s! It was so much fun to see all the kids open their presents~and we ate more food than you can imagine! Hayden tried on every piece of clothing she opened….sooo cute….and everybody was sooo thankful for everything they got, it was GREAT!Abby and Peyton did not get a nap and BOY did they need it…they did go to bed with a fight, but were out in no time! And checking out the weather, looks like we are suppose to get snow Wed-Friday in Mount Vernon next week! Guess we will see!

07 Jan

Today was pretty chill. Nothing really going on here. Took forever to get Peyton to take a nap, but he finally lost it. Matt and Sam drove to Fry’s to check it out. Abby enjoyed playing with Olivia, playing Wii bowling with Grandpa and doing a puzzle with Grandma.

06 Jan

Boy did I do a lot today! I got up with Ben and made him breakfast, then I cleaned house {kitchen, laundry, made all the kids beds and packed everybody’s clothes}…then I went and got a pedicure and got my nails done….also stopped at Costco and Safeway to pick up pictures and get snacks for the trip. We FINALLY got on the road around 605 pm but then had to stop and get gas. I had to drive because Matt wasn’t feeling good. It rained until about an hour before we got to Portland! SUCKED! We made pretty good time and didn’t catch any traffic and got to Portland around 1025 pm.

05 Jan

Today was my 1st day home alone! But I did get up and cook Ben breakfast and gave him a ride to school since it was raining so hard. Then I came back home and went back to sleep until noon! I guess I was exhausted. I managed to finish all 3 of the girls tutu’s and their little name blocks! But, the house is a wreck and I haven’t even started packing for Oregon! Guess I will do that tomorrow!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

04 Jan 2011

well I had my 1st job interview today and I think it went fairly well. I guess we will see. Then I went and picked up Abby adn Peyton and they went to the dentist to get their teeth cleaned. Peyton did really well, but they found that Abby need a filling, so she got a little nitrous oxide, got her filling and was good to go! She was a little loopy and tired and felt like their was still something in her mouth! After we got home, she FINALLY took a nap and felt better after she got up:)

Monday, January 3, 2011

03 Jan 11

Had to get up early ad go to the dentist this morning for a filling. My jaw is still hurting at 9 pm! We also got Ben’s new phone today so now he always has access to get a touch with any of us if he needs too…I have a huge headache from the dentist {I think} so I think I am going to bed early…

Sunday, January 2, 2011


My toe hurts!!!! A little more cleaning done today. I made Reuben soup today thanks to a recipe from somebody at work! I am not a Reuben fan, but matt said it was DELICIOUS! Hard to believe I made something for the 1st time from a recipe and it turned out good! Have enough left over for about 3 more bowls! Ben and Peyton got a haircut today! Peyton got a mini Mohawk….we’ll see how long it lasts! Peyton also tried to put his clothes on by himself today, got his pants on backwards and never managed to get his shirt on! Did I mention my toe hurts! Getting ready for a dental appointment tomorrow morning and will be my 1st day of “real” retirement since all the kids and Matt will be gone!


so I will be uploading my pics daily so I hope this works :)
We all slept in today :) I made breakfast and then we just chilled most of the day. Matt and I emptied out 2 boxes in our room, 2 clothes baskets {with mismatched socks and clothes} and cleaned some things out of our closets for Goodwill. I discovered that I have 2 pair of black pants and 1 denim skirt…I have shirts and sweaters to get me by, but no real pants, not even a pair of Khaki’s! So I am hoping that the Oregon clan took my hints on getting me gift certificates to some clothes stores! I have a job interview on Tuesday! I also managed to reorganize in my scrapbook room and got rid of 2 boxes of stuff.Also Matt put together Abby and Peyton's easel that Grandma Karen got them for XMAS and Abby painted her little heart out! She finally had to give Peyton a turn, but he didn't last long 'cause he wanted to mix all the colors with the same brush! So she got to go back and paint some more!Forgot to mention that I felt like I broke my toe today because I hit it on the end of the bed rail while making the bed…OUCH!