Sunday, January 2, 2011


so I will be uploading my pics daily so I hope this works :)
We all slept in today :) I made breakfast and then we just chilled most of the day. Matt and I emptied out 2 boxes in our room, 2 clothes baskets {with mismatched socks and clothes} and cleaned some things out of our closets for Goodwill. I discovered that I have 2 pair of black pants and 1 denim skirt…I have shirts and sweaters to get me by, but no real pants, not even a pair of Khaki’s! So I am hoping that the Oregon clan took my hints on getting me gift certificates to some clothes stores! I have a job interview on Tuesday! I also managed to reorganize in my scrapbook room and got rid of 2 boxes of stuff.Also Matt put together Abby and Peyton's easel that Grandma Karen got them for XMAS and Abby painted her little heart out! She finally had to give Peyton a turn, but he didn't last long 'cause he wanted to mix all the colors with the same brush! So she got to go back and paint some more!Forgot to mention that I felt like I broke my toe today because I hit it on the end of the bed rail while making the bed…OUCH!

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