Friday, April 30, 2010

30 Apr

today was just a bad day overall.....Peyton woke up onthe WRONG side of the bed this morning and was like that even after we got home! Abby and I hit up the commissary after work!!! Then Matt checked our Print bill, which we WERE ahead on and come to find out there are like $75 worth of extra xharges on Sam's phone and $40 on Matt's phone. SO matt is gonna try to figure it out tomorrow....just sucks!!!! Looks like Ben's game may get rained out, it has been raining off and on since about 6 pm here and it looks the same way at the south end of the island...I really don't want to drive 45 mins and the field is too wet.....hopefully someody will call us beforehand!!! I am ready for bed, Ben and Peyton finally both fell asleep ont he sofa and I am pretty sure Abby fell asleep about 2 hours ago!!! So we are going to try to go see the house tomorrow... but we'll see what the weather ends up being like!!!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

29 Apr

so ben had a really bad day at school and completely shut down....not sure why or really what we ddecided to let him skip practice and go spend some time with Matt at the batting cage and then go have some Taco Bell!!!! I think he just really needs some more Ben time to himself! So we will see...Matt also taught him to tie his shoes before they left! I got my weekly picture from Ray and I can't believe HOW MUCH has gone up!!!! I sooooo can't wait to move, it is going to be a dream come true for both of us!!! so here are the pics to share......

Monday, April 26, 2010

26 Apr

Construction on the MILLER HOUSE for the CRIMINALLY INSANE has officially begun!!!!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

25 Apr

so it has been a nother long week...lots of baseball, a tooth being pulled and having our foundaton walk trpoug...not to mention a birthday party too!!! So I have been pretty good about keeping up with the blog posts, but not the daily pics!!! I have been taking them, just haven't gotten them posted everyday!!! But I couldn't forget to tell you guys what Ben said yesterday!!! It is our new saying for now!!!

Mom: "Get the recycles done"
Ben: "I will"
Mom: "Get them done now"
Mom: thinking...WTH was that all about.....totally out of context!!!! but is now our new favorite saying!!! {Grandma and Grandpa will totally get this!!!}...just had to share....

so our framing will start Monday...pur lumber is already dropped...and hopefully our frame walk through will be May 20th and our closing will be July 13th!! Give or take a few days!!!!! so that's the update ont he house...if you are friends with me on facebook, you can check out all the pics there!!! well , here's to another loooooonnnnngggggg week!!!

house pics......

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

20 Apr

so I don't have any pictures to share cause I need to catch up :) but today was LOOONNNNGGGG...Matt didn't make it to work {still hurt neck} and went back to I had to come home and get the kids to Lovette's and Ben to school...and Ben has a chipped tooth so I had to make him a dental appointment for tomorrow and he will probably have to get it pulled, but we'll see! Matt went to the doctor again and she thinks he possibly has a pinched nerve...he has to take a steroid for awhile and see if that helps....he may have to get an MRI...then I went to the commissary and then took Ben to his baseball game! He had a hit and fielded the ball a couple of times while he was playing center field!! They got beat, but the kids still had fun! They have practice Thrusday, a game Friday and another game on Monday! At least he is enjoying it!!!! So I will let you know how the dentist appointment goes tomorrow! and then we are off for our foundation walk through on Friday!!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

18 Apr

so we got up today and headed to see the 3 ring circus in Bellingham...Sam brought along her friend Dakota! I wasn't so sure how Peyton was gonna do but he surprised me and did REALLY REALLY well up until about 15 mins before it ended....Abby and Sam rode the elephant and it was actually Abby's idea!!! I thought she might chicken out at the end, but nope she was all for it! They also really liked the tigers~ Ben's favorite part was the jugglers and I think Peyton and I liked the guy jumping back and forth on the trampoline and diving board! Peyton laughed and laughed and laughed!!!! The picture of him laughing is while he was watching the trampoline guy!!!! We met Courtney and Luke there and so Abby made a new friend {and oddly enough their daughter's name is Abbey!!!}....I let the kids get some popcorn and cotton candy and Ben actually ate all of his cotton candy! Then we headed to see the house site as well....
I got out and started taking pictures and got to meet the one of the neighbors! So nice to meet somebody! He said they have been there 2 years and the neighbors 2 doors to our right are super nice too!!! They have 4 kids and he wa glad to see ben get out because he said all the other neighborhood kids are girls!!!! He also said he has a retaining wall in his backyard {since they have a hill in their backyard as well!!!} and he would show us once we move in and refer us to the folks that helped them!!! So glad to meet the neighbors BEFORE we even move....think this is gonna be a GREAT move for all of here are some pics that I have been catching up on!!!

apr 12th: the kids were ahving fun playing outside in the rain!!!