Sunday, April 25, 2010

25 Apr

so it has been a nother long week...lots of baseball, a tooth being pulled and having our foundaton walk trpoug...not to mention a birthday party too!!! So I have been pretty good about keeping up with the blog posts, but not the daily pics!!! I have been taking them, just haven't gotten them posted everyday!!! But I couldn't forget to tell you guys what Ben said yesterday!!! It is our new saying for now!!!

Mom: "Get the recycles done"
Ben: "I will"
Mom: "Get them done now"
Mom: thinking...WTH was that all about.....totally out of context!!!! but is now our new favorite saying!!! {Grandma and Grandpa will totally get this!!!}...just had to share....

so our framing will start Monday...pur lumber is already dropped...and hopefully our frame walk through will be May 20th and our closing will be July 13th!! Give or take a few days!!!!! so that's the update ont he house...if you are friends with me on facebook, you can check out all the pics there!!! well , here's to another loooooonnnnngggggg week!!!

house pics......

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