Saturday, April 17, 2010

17 Apr

so we made to our potrait session and she had to do some individuals of Peyton a couple of times :) but hopefully she got some good ones so we will see!!!! Then Abby and I headed to KK's birthday where Stephanie got a bounce house and the kids had a BLAST!!!! I took lots of pics, but my battery is dead so I will upload some later~ Then Ben headed to a brithday party where they got to go do Laser Tag!!! He must have had a blast because they did not get back until almost 8 pm! Now he is spening the night at a friend's and so is Sam! Peyton is th eonly one still hanging!!! We are watching Coraline!!!!

side note...while we were swapping off taking photos, Ben was in the kitchen {the girls' studio is in her kitchen} and said "I like her backsplash!!!!" {she had little dog footprints painted on the wall....but what kid at the age of 9 knows what a backsplash is???? MINE!!!! does! Can you say he watches as much HGTV as we do! and his favorite show is Colour Confidential!!! {just couldn't not pass up sharing that with you guys!!!}

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