Sunday, April 18, 2010

18 Apr

so we got up today and headed to see the 3 ring circus in Bellingham...Sam brought along her friend Dakota! I wasn't so sure how Peyton was gonna do but he surprised me and did REALLY REALLY well up until about 15 mins before it ended....Abby and Sam rode the elephant and it was actually Abby's idea!!! I thought she might chicken out at the end, but nope she was all for it! They also really liked the tigers~ Ben's favorite part was the jugglers and I think Peyton and I liked the guy jumping back and forth on the trampoline and diving board! Peyton laughed and laughed and laughed!!!! The picture of him laughing is while he was watching the trampoline guy!!!! We met Courtney and Luke there and so Abby made a new friend {and oddly enough their daughter's name is Abbey!!!}....I let the kids get some popcorn and cotton candy and Ben actually ate all of his cotton candy! Then we headed to see the house site as well....
I got out and started taking pictures and got to meet the one of the neighbors! So nice to meet somebody! He said they have been there 2 years and the neighbors 2 doors to our right are super nice too!!! They have 4 kids and he wa glad to see ben get out because he said all the other neighborhood kids are girls!!!! He also said he has a retaining wall in his backyard {since they have a hill in their backyard as well!!!} and he would show us once we move in and refer us to the folks that helped them!!! So glad to meet the neighbors BEFORE we even move....think this is gonna be a GREAT move for all of here are some pics that I have been catching up on!!!

apr 12th: the kids were ahving fun playing outside in the rain!!!


  1. Awesome photos!! And so exciting about the new house!!

  2. great photos and glad to hear that your neighbors seem to be really friendly and helpful. Always a big plus!