Friday, April 2, 2010

02 Apr

so the weather is terrible here.....but Matt and Sam got their new Id cards today and I picked up a few things fro their Easter Baskets when I went in the commissary! I also got some eggs and easter egg coloring stuff to make for Easter! so I *though* WE were watching Princess and the Frog, well I guess *I* am watching it!!! SO one of the songs Abby lieks came on and this is how the conversation went:
Mom: " Abby , it's coming on"
Abby: she comes running into the living room "I don't have time for this!!!"!!!!

OMG..SERIOUSLY!!! What am I gonna do with that girl!!!

BTW, all the kities are gone! Last one left today! Went to a co-worker!!! And his new name is going to be King Louie....

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