Friday, April 16, 2010

16 Apr

so it is Sam's birthday and everyone said Happpy Birthday to her this morning! Dad SANG to her at 0630...wonder where he gets that from!!!!!! {Granpa Denny and Grandma Lee??????}....I took her to school and stopped by Starbucks and got her a smoothie and a piece of banana bread...the hospital had it's change of command today and it went really well and then we had a baseball game tonight at 530 pm...totally wiped out!!! Ben did really well..he had a RBI and his hit was pretty solid! Even though he got out at first base, he realized that he made a run for the team!!!! He did have a little bit of a melt down because he let the ball get by him at 3rd base, but luckily he was over it by the end of the game and they won! They have another game tomorrow at 1230 and then Abby and Peyton have a birthday party at 1 pm and then Ben has a birthday party to go to from 3-7 pm! Another busy day tomorrow!!!! so we got a new picture today..our lot is backfilled!!! And I didn't even get a picture of Sam yet today and it's her birthday!!! Teenagers!!!! She was in and out the door as soon as I got home!

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