Wednesday, April 7, 2010

07 Apr

so mlast night was a BAD night for EVERYONE! I sooooo need some time to myself!!! no laundry, no kids, no baseball, no cleaning...NOTHING!!!! I told Ben he had to clean his room and he got shitty with me so I told him that he couldn't go to his baseball game he slept in a little {since I am off for the next 3 days} and when I got up he was already up and had cleaned his room! Then he said "mom I cleaned my room" and I told him "good job" and he said "I even cleaned a little in the living room, I folded 2 blankets!!!"...too cute! Then I went and had lunch with the sisters to celebrat Jaci's birthday! We went to Zorbas and it was great to sit and chat! We haven't had any girl time in quite awhile! It was nice to catch up with everybody's lives! Then I came home and went and got Ben an under armor shirt {because it was freezing outside today!} and a new bat and batting gloves! Then I stopped at the commissary and got a few things ten came home and did some laundey, vaccumed int he kids rooms and cleaned up Abby and Peyton's rooms a little. We headed for the game around 5 and it was totally FREEZING! I went and got the kids hot chocoalte because it was SOOOOOOOOO cold! They were SOOOOO grateful! We FINALLY made it home around 8 pm! The coach said if the weather was the same tomorrow, we would NOT be having practice! Poor Ben fell asleep on the sofa! Peyton I put in bed around 9 pm and he went out. I think he may be starting to get sick since he came home with a runny nose. Abby finally made it out around 945! So I will be taking my mock PT test tomorrow and then hope to just have some down time.....

House UPDATE: They did get our permits and will start digging/pouring our foundation in the next 7 working days! Ray said he will start sending me pics tomorrow! so be looking for those!

I didn't get any of my pictures uploaded, but I will tomorrow and then share them with you!

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