Tuesday, April 20, 2010

20 Apr

so I don't have any pictures to share cause I need to catch up :) but today was LOOONNNNGGGG...Matt didn't make it to work {still hurt neck} and went back to sleep...so I had to come home and get the kids to Lovette's and Ben to school...and Ben has a chipped tooth so I had to make him a dental appointment for tomorrow and he will probably have to get it pulled, but we'll see! Matt went to the doctor again and she thinks he possibly has a pinched nerve...he has to take a steroid for awhile and see if that helps....he may have to get an MRI...then I went to the commissary and then took Ben to his baseball game! He had a hit and fielded the ball a couple of times while he was playing center field!! They got beat, but the kids still had fun! They have practice Thrusday, a game Friday and another game on Monday! At least he is enjoying it!!!! So I will let you know how the dentist appointment goes tomorrow! and then we are off for our foundation walk through on Friday!!!

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