Tuesday, March 30, 2010

30 Mar

so we checked the mail today and got a box from Quadrant! It was a coffee mug!!! you would think $315K would get you more than a mug :) hahahahahaha....but actaully it is a nice thought and we also got a $150 dining out card good to lots of restaurants in the area {and that was just for referring somebody to go look!}...we get $500 if somebody buys! I made sausage biscuits and gravy for dinner {but I also made it for work because our little cafetaria is closed all week so be are having a breakfast fundraiser}...I forgot to tell you guys that we had a conversation on Sunday night:

Mom to Sam: "Sam, let Choncho out"
Sam: "You let him out, I'm busy ...{the cat is sitting on her lap and she doesn't want to get up}
Mom to Sam again: "Sam get up and let him out"
Sam to Abby: "Abby, go let Chonco out"
Abby to Sam: {with a plate of cut pickels on her lap} "I'm busy too!!!!"

that girl is too smart for her own good!!!!! ok, chat with you gus tomorrow, hopefully! Kim just chatted with me on Facebook and said How To Train A Dragon was cute so maybe I can get off early Friday and take Sam and Ben to see it or even just me and Ben! Think he would like a trip to the movies by himself with mom! So we'll see how it goes!!!


  1. LOL at the conversation, so cute!

  2. LOL. sounds like you have a lot of "supervisors" in your house and not enough workers!