Friday, March 26, 2010

26 mar

so it was a rough day in the Miller household today! Matt went home with a strained next after a shot of Toradol and some T3's! Then I went to physical therapy for and hour and I guess my back and hips were a little out of week hence the knee pain and arm pain. 2 weeks of physical therapy and a follow up and hopefully it will eb better! We sent 3 little kittens away today! 2 went to Sam's friends house and 1 went home with Kim for Aaron! So I hope they do well tonight being alone :) I put in the "UP" movie and all of a sudden Abby realized it was jut me and her in the living room and says "Well Mom, I guess it's just us!!!!"...I said "Where is Peyton"...Abby "I think he is asleep with dad"...well I got to lok and sure enough they are snoozing in the bed together! But then I came back int he living room and Abby was out of it!!!! So it ended up being just me!!! She is still asleep at 921 pm! We have baseball practice again tomorrow at 0800 am so I guess I will try to get in bed, read a little and then get up to take Ben to practice!!! I guess if it is nice I will get Sam out driving this weekend too!

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