Tuesday, March 16, 2010

16 Mar

I don't have much today, but wanted to make sure that I posted that Peyton pooped int eh toliet today at Mrs. B's house!!!! We haven't really even addressed the potty trainign thing, but this makes the 2nd time he has gone! The 1st time he took all of his clothes off and went to the potty at home! Also, COurtney and Luke are seriously thinking of buying a house in the same neighborhood as us! They are just waiting for one to be built with the floor plan that they like so they can actually walk through it and have a visual before the "sign away"!!!! So it will be kinda nice to have some familiar faces close by! Plus they have a daughter named Abbey too! {he is about Abby Lou's same age!!!}....Stephanie gets her state inspection on Thrusday, so hopefully the kids will get to go back to her sometime next month. Well, that is all for now, so I will try to start keeping up to date a little better!!!

p.s. I have been waiting for my IKEA catalog and Matt says tonight...."do you want this catalog???".....HELLLOOOOOO....he had it on his computer desk! So I went through it and got a few ideas {cheap ones} for basically storage and organization stuff! I gave my kitchen idea book to Jaci to look over...little too overwhelming for me!!!!

p.s.s. and right now Sam has a B in her math class which she has struggled with all year!!! We gave her a hard time and said "the year ain't over yet" and she stuck her tongue out at us!!!! so I hope she can keep it up! She has about 1 more week of driver's ed and then she basically has to practice with us and then she can get her license! Will be nice for her and us I think!!!!

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