Sunday, March 21, 2010

21 Mar

so we had another long week again this week! Ben started baseball practice and had it at 0800 yesterday morning! so much for sleeping in! then Abby and Peyton were both up at 0715 this monring!!!! I guess that don't adjust to the time change! Matt and Sam went to the Commissary today because I woke up with my oeft knee hurting really bad...old age is starting to really suck!!!! Sam has 1 more week of driver's ed and ten she has to do 15 hours of driving with us. Spring was sort of here this weekend...the sun came out, but it was still pretty gloomy and overcast yesterday and today. So Ben FINALLY got another haircut today {much needed} then Abby got a bang trim and Peyton said he wanted a haircut again so needless to say, he looks like a little boy again! I bought Princess adn the Frog yesterday and we have watched it over and over and are watchign it again now! I don't mind because it is done so well and the music is great! And it keeps Abby, Ben and Peyton occupied for a little while!!!! Everybody but Ben has had their baths, the laundry is almost done and I cleaned and reorganized Abby and Peyton's room yesterday!

Matt said today "for 2000 more square feet!!!" as they are all running around screaming and arguing! the time will not come soon enough for them to have their OWN spaces! we found out that what we are living in is roughly 1000 square feet!!! just not enough space with 6 people! and now it is pouring outside, so hopefully spring will show up here shortly!

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