Sunday, March 28, 2010

28 Mar

so I am slowly but surely catching up my my weekly digi pages for the year! I am about 3 weeks behind! I will share a few of the ones I have done lately! I am also keeping up with my picture a day, but I haven't gotten them all uploaded this week! I took Sam out driving for about an hour today and we learned a little bit of about parking in the school parking lot! I also went to the commissary and got the kids a few things to snack on during the week since it is spring break! Peyton pretty much didn't take a nap today so at 815 pm, he was in bed whether he wanted to be or not!!! Sam, Ben and Abby are all sittign ont he same sofa {with a cat as well} watching Matt play the PS3 {Matt is on the same sofa too!!!} The wind got pretty bad here this afternoon, but looks like it has calmed down a bit! I have all the kids Easter stuff just need to put their baskets together~Gonna miss going to Oregon for Easter, but know we need to save up our money for our new house! Gonna need a few things to fill it when we move in {Sam and Ben each need new beds..nothing fancy, but just something...and we will probably need a new sofa/love seat...and of coarse we want to paint!!!!} we are gonna miss the Miller clan this Easter, but hope to see them soon!

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