Sunday, March 7, 2010

07 Mar

so it has been another busy week for us!!! the whole house thing has just taken up ALOT of time!!! Sam is still in driving classes and we had a few beautiful days this past week so the kids spent a couple of days outside. We went back to the showroom and did our electrical appt. We also TOTALLY changed our kitchen cabinets, flooring and countertops!!! We decided on cherry cabinets, lighter floors and a really nice laminate countertop{which will be the same countertops int he bathrooms}...we also decided on satin nickel for all the fixtures including the bathroom fixtures, door knobs and outside light fixtures. We also decided on recessed lights in the kitchen and family room and we got an overhead light in all the bedrooms so we can add ceiling fans or change out fixtures if we want to! We also got all the cable and electrical that we wanted as well. We go back next Saturday for our final showroom selections...then these are the next steps:
1. get our final loan approval
2. get building permits
3. then house gets released for construction
4. then there is a bit of a holding pattern until our house is released
5. in this time frame they will ppoour the foundation and prepare the site for construction
6. once construction starts it is a 54 day process {not including weekends, scheduled days off and unexcoted days off for things such as bad weather}

so we are READY and I think after our FINAL choices, it will be sooo much easier! e stopped at the mall and I grabbed Abby a new Princess beach towel and Peyton a pair of Crocs! Got him and his Crocs are too small so I am going to take them back next week and exchange them...then we stopped by the site and talked with Ray and Matt feels alot better now that they actually staked out the property so we could see where the back of the house was actually going to be. Then Sat Ben had baseball tryouts and made some new friends and will hopefully get to play on his Coach Russel's team again {the 1st coach he had}....he did REALLY well fielding, throwing and batting! He hit ALL the balls that were thrown to him! So he is pretty excited about playing! I went to check out the thrift stores today but they were closed! So I stopped by Home Depot and picked up some wood to start working on Abby and Peyton's little wall project...I did get some chalkboard paint but I am also gonna try to find some magnetic paint to make a couple of the squares magnetic...
matt got his package from Denny and Marlee today and Abby and Peyton had a blast popping the bubble wrap! So here are this week's pics....I know I haven't been keeping up like I should, but I have been keeping up with the picture a day!!! so until next time!

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  1. fantastic photos! Your house is gonna be soooo pretty when it's done! Can't wait to see!