Sunday, February 28, 2010

28 Feb

so I KNOW I am WAYYYYYY behind on blogging lately, but in a nutshell we bought a house in 7 days! We went looking on the 20th, got pre-approved and signed paperwork, then went to the Quadrant showroom on the 26th and pretty much that has been how our week has gone! I did journal in my logbook, so I have it all written down! We are gonna get a 5 bedroom + guest room with a den and a loft {for the kids to play!} Our master bedroom is the whole length of the house from above the garage to the back of the house!!!! I swear our walk in closet is going to be as big as the kids' rooms now!!!! The kids aren't going to know what to do with themselves! We are going to have a seperate tub and shower and double sinks in both bathrooms!!!! We let Sam and Ben pick which room they wanted and Abby and Peyton will get the other 2~! We are also going to have white kitcen cabinets with silver knobs, dark laminate flooring {looks like hardwood}, black appliances {stainless is just a little out of our league}, and an island!!! I so can't wait to decorate!!! I have already started a binder with ideas of how I want to decorate. The only thing we will have to get for sure is a new living room sofa and Sam and Ben each a single bed {figure I can get the flat beds at IKEA for about $150 each or less}....down the road, we will add furniture as we can afford! Lready seen a couple of ideas int he Pottery Barn catalogs that I can actually make, so I am looking forward to doing that!!! I also decided that I am going to hang all B&W pics in black frames downstairs!!!! This is going to be hard for me, but I am ok with it!! Just think it looks so nice and clean when it is done right! I figure al thos EXTRAS I can add in my scrapbook room or find a nice album that I can put different size pics in! We are also going to have a fence built to keep Peyton in {hahahahahaha}...we are not sure how much of a yard we are actually going to have, but we will work with what we get! Hopefully we can talk Grandma Lee and Grandma Karen into coming up and helping us landscape :) If you are a fan of mine on facebook, I have loaded all the house pics there! I have also been keeping up with my picture a day, just haven't had the chance to get them on here!
ADDED NOT: Sam has her driving premit and started driving classes last Monday!!!
so here are my pics!!!!

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