Monday, February 15, 2010

15 Feb I am catching up again! hahahahah! not sure what happened wed and thrus last week so we will start on Friday! They had a fundraiser at the hospital and Matt got me a dozen carnations!! so sweet and totally unexpected! I almost forgot to get Abby's picture on Wed night so she got a sleeping picture this month! Peyton iin his new PJ's is Thursday's picture! I got them at Old Navy and they are sooo cute! I found them in the bottom of his PJ drawer {they must have gotten stuffed down there!}...Friday I went with the girls to the bunny farm....the weather was terrible driving up there, rained all the way. We weren't too motivated to get started scrapping, so we took our stuff in and watch a little bit of the Olympics and then hit the sack! We were super tired! Got up and had a great breakfast at the eatery {we ate kinda late so we skipped lunch} and then got started scrapping...took me forever to get my stuff together to get started, but I did FINALLY! Then Jaci, Laurie and Maryann showed up and it was a party! So we scrapped all afternoon then went and had dinner up at the eatery and then scrapped some more! Got up Sunday and the powere went out because of the bad weather but luckily they were on a generator. We took our time, got showered, dressed and off to breakfast! Then we went back to the house and made a few more pages. Judy was super motiviated and got over 20 pages done!!! I got 17 done and am now on July when mama and grandma Karen came to visit! then the 1st day of school! So we stopped in MT Vernon and got a few things {I got the kids Monsters vs Aliens on blu-ray} and a couple little Valentine's day things...then got home and found out that Peyton busted his lip jumping on our bed yesterday! Who would have thought that he could go more than 2 days without an injury!Asked the kids if they have seen Girlfriend and nobody has seen her since Sat. She was really really sick and I was going to take her to the vet today, but we still can't find her. I think she may have gone outside and found a little place to cuddle up and passed away. I am very sad to think she is gone. I know we have our fair share of kitties, but that still doesn't make it easier for one of them to be gone. We are still kinda house hunting. Waiting for a couple weeks so our credit will reflect all of our payoffs and then we hope to be good to go. Want to get pre-approved so we have something to go with. Ben managed to save his money and matt too him today to get his DSi! Dad is a sucker and let him pick out a game for it as well! But the majority of it, he paid for with his own money! So hopefully I will be able to keep up a little more this week!


  1. Love the pics - especially the flowers - What a great hubby you have!

  2. I totally and completely agree with Melissa's statement...your husband must be Da Bomb!!!

  3. 17 pages!!!! Holy Moly! Those carnations are beautiful.


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