Sunday, February 7, 2010

07 Feb

so it is SUPER BOWL SUNDAY!!!! GO COLTS!!!! Abby, me, Ben and Peyton will be watching while Matt and Sam are at the mall. Matt just has this superstition about watching the Colts play!!! Abby is ready to go with her "football" shirt, so that will be my picture of the day, but I haven't taken it yet! They have already had a bath and I already got 2 loads of clothes folded and 1 in the washer! I finally got my pictures updated so here they are :) and BTW, I got a new laptop yesterday!!! It was a GREAT deal at the was a floor model, it was knocked down $203 and I talked the guy in to giving it to me for another $100 off!!!! Mat installed WIndows 7 and Photoshop on it for me, so I am good to go!!! I just need to get all my stuff from my EHD, put onto my good 500 GB EHD!!!! so we are finally getting better! THANK GOODNESS! Kim gave me a bottle on Zango juice, so we are gonna try that out and see if we can stay well :) sister Jaci is convinced, so I'll give it a try!!!!
Kids getting popsicles out of the freezer!

Pizza for dinner

Ben with his birthday card from Grandma Karen

the weather was BEAUTIFUL today so the kids were outside for a little bit after we came home!

my new laptop!!!

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  1. Awesome Laptop, gotta love the exchange. LOL!

    Enjoy the game tonight.