Tuesday, February 9, 2010

09 Feb

well today was Ben's 9th birthday!!!! and we all wished him Happy Birthday this morning, even Abby did! But, it was soooo funny, Ben was getting out of the van to go into his before school classroom and I said to Matt "don't let him go inside he has his pants on backwards!!!" Matt says "how do you do that????" So he climbed in the van and changed him and then went on!!! It was too funny and we all kinda laughed! I dropped Matt off at work and then headed to the ferry to go to an appointment at Bremerton. It was too bad going over or getting there. I did wait an extra 30 mins for the doctor, but he was real nice and apologetic. Still not sure if I am going to have the surgery or not, since it is elective and I will have to pay out of pocket. We'll see. So I only had abpout 30 mins and found a scrapbook store on the GPS and thpught I would try to find it!! FOUND IT!!! And of coarse I went in and bought a few things {well a little more than a few!!!!}....I made it back in time to pick Matt up and then we stopped and got Ben a birthdya cupcake and a few extras since you know Sam, Abby and Peyton will have to have their own! So we had steaks for dinner and then I had to head out to the high school with Sam for a mandatory meeting for AP classes next year! It was from 630 pm to 8 pm! We finally got home around 820, sang happy birthday to Ben and it took him a few times to blow the candle out!!!! And of coarse Abby and Peyton had to have their cupcakes and a little ice cream! So I am BEAT DOWN and WIPED out, so I will share a few pictures and then share the rest later!!!

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