Thursday, February 4, 2010

04 Feb

so pretty mucht his week has been a blur! we are all still alive but I have been sick since Sat. I went to work yesterday and thought I was getting better, but then I ended up coughing all night last night. Matt complained that his throat was hurting and it looked like he had the white pustules in there {of coarse that means strep!} we both headed to work this morning, Matt sick with a sore throat and me with no voice !!! both got appointments with our doc, and luckily for us we got our meds before the computer systems went down!!! which really puts the whole hospital in a jam..the pharmacy, the lab, the docs, the clerks..EVERYONE!!! so we both ended up getting a shot of penicillin in the butt because they convinced us it would be quicker and we would get better faster! so lets hope so! so both of us came home with sore butts and slept most of the morning until about 2pm! I hope it kicks in because this no voice thing SUCKS!!! I did go by and visit my girls and let them all know that I was still alive but hadn't seen them because I've been sick and I didn't want to pass the germs on to any of them! and so far so good, none of the kids are sick! so we are hoping it will stay that way! I have been keeping up with my picture a day and hopefully I will get them posted soon!
04 Feb Ben with his birthday card and $25 from grandma Karen {he is a little closer to gettign his DSi!}
03 Feb pizza for dinner
02 Feb Kids sneeking in the freezer getting popsicles!!!

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