Tuesday, March 23, 2010

23 Mar

so we picked up Toy Story and Toy Story 2 today and I was going to put them in Peyton's Easter basket and Matt said I should just give the movies to them. So I did...and Peyton was thrilled!!!! They started with the 1st one and about 20 mins into the 2nd one he got comfortable on the sofa and fell asleep!!!! So I took a nap at the same time! I am going to physical therapy on Friday for my arm and my knee...my arm is actually hurting worse because if I lay on it wrong, it really hurts when I move...so we'll see how I feel after Friday! No more high impact stuff {at least for a month!}...I washed Abby's blanket {since she had an accident last night} and I took it out and it is a mess!!! it is basically just a ball of string now! I am going to see if I can kind of put it away and see if she can find another blanket she really likes....she manage to fall asleep tonight without it no problem...I told her it was still inthe washing machine and then she just went to bed! Didn't even get her PJ's on!!! One of Sam's friends is coming by tomorrow with her stepmom and they are going to pick out a kitten, so I am pretty excited about that...but I told Sam they couldn't have the little black runt because hopefully he will be calling the Post family home soon :) I too my picture today, but didn't get a chance to upload, so I will try to share tomorrow!!! This makes 3 days in a row, aren't you guys proud!!!! And I am excited that sister Jaci is going to tile in her kitchen {backsplash}!!!!! I may just have to go over and help so I can see how it is done!!!! so I am off to bed! I shouldn't have taken the nap!!!!!

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