Sunday, January 17, 2010

17 Jan

nothing exciting today! The kids did get a bath, but I just put new PJ's on so it was less laundry I had to wash! The Chargers lost!!!!!!!!!! Go JETS! If you aren't aware we are Colts fans and they probably have a better chance against the Jets than the Chargers! Peyton slept for over 12 hours last night!! SO NICE!!! Matt tried to play Moo Uno with them, but Peyton gets a little too destructive!!! We will have to play with Abby when Peyton takes a nap! So I was working on decorating my blog {thanks to Melissa over at SSD} and so I needed my reading glasses to read the directions...I got up and Peyton decided he needed to wear them! So today's picture is him wearing my glasses!!! and I thought I would share my digital layput for my week 1 pics :) so that's it for now, check in tomorrow! by the way, the more I use my 50mm lens, the more I LOVE it!!!!!! today's picture is with that lens!

{click on the layout to see the credits :) }


  1. awww! That picture is adorable!!!! Love it!!! <3

  2. I hear you. I love my 50 mm lens too! Though, mine broke a few months ago and I need a new one, but I do miss it. They take gorgeous photos. I love yours! :D