Tuesday, August 17, 2010


boy was it a LOOOOONNNNGGG day today!!! I had to take Ben to Oak Harbor to get his spacer checked,,,then we headed and got a few things from the commissary...picked up Sam at Dakotah's.....stopped at Michael's and got a white paint Sharpie to outline in Peyton and Ben's room....then stopped and dropped off all the paperwork for Ben to start school! Found out they don't start until Sept 8th and they will be having a back to school BBQ from 5-7 on the 31st to meet teachers, check out the school, find out schedules and such! Then we headed home and I started painting clouds in Peyton's room...finished those...cooked dinner....then went to Ben's room and painted a horseshoe {and don't tell Abby, but Ben's room is my new favorite room int he house and I can't wait to accessorize it!!!!}...well that is it...chat with you guys later!!!!

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