Sunday, May 2, 2010

02 May the weekend went by too quickly...the weather was really crappy in Oak Harbor on Sat and the forecast for Ben's game {in Langley} didn't look much better so we didn't go. Well, I guess they had it anyway...oh well, gonna take him to practice today! Matt went and got a haircut and then him and Sam headed to MT Vernon for him to get some jeans and go by and check the house. They took a few pics from the car but didn't get out because of the weather. Matt saw a pair of shoes he liked at Kohl's but couldn't decide. So then Abby and I went back and shopped more today! We had lunch at Popeye's first and then headed to check out the house real quicjk. I took some more pics and then we headed down to Old Navy and Kohl's. We stopped by the furniture store first and I wrote some product codes down of some furniture we liked and am going to see if we can possibly order it from the exchange. Supposedly they carry Ashley furniture and you can order it and get it up to 20% cheaper and with no tax! So to me, that is a deal! Now we just have to save for it! Our 1st purchase is gonna be a fridge and bedds for Sam and Ben and then we will worry about adding new furniture as we can afford it! Then off to Kohl's we went to get the shoes Matt couldn't decide on! I just picked a pair and went with it. I also picked up a kewl pair of comic strip Converse for myself! They had some good deals for little kids {mix and match seperates 2/$12} so I grabbed an outfit for Abby and 1 for Peyton. Then we went to Old Navy where everything in the store was 30% off including the clearance. So needless to say Abby and I were there a couple of hours!! They are all set for the summer! Including myself and Ben! Abby picked out a plain pair of yellow flip flops that she wanted and she actually tried them on and got the right size! Originally she had pink and then just decided she wanted yellow!!! I found another work shirt for Matt, but didn't have any luck finding shorts for him because I couldn't find any 31's or 32's for that matter! I got sam a couple pair of flip flops {she seems to wear these alot} and since they were only 2/$5 I figured I couldn't go wrong....I tried to look for a few shorts and shirts for her, but I just wasn't sure so I am gonna take her back with me on the 15th when they have their grand re-opening {they did alot of new remodeling}...So Abby was really good and I let her get a treat...first she had a yo-yo that she walked around with for most of the time , but then she decided at the last minute that she wanted an umbrella...which happened to be appropriate since it was pouring outside!!! She was sooooo cute coming out of Old Navy so luckily I had my camera in my bag and took her picture as we were walking to the car!! I told her as we were driving not to open it, but she couldn't stand it and opened it before we got home and siad "Mom, I am pretending it is raining in the car" what do you say to that!!! and we got to about 5 mmiles from home and she fell asleep int he car with her umbrella!!! It was soooo cute...Matt came out to the car to get her and she told him about her new umbrella cause she was good while shopping! So that was how our weekend went by so quickly! I will be anxiously awaiting my new picture of the week from Ray on Thursday! and hoping the rain will go away for a little while so we can enjoy some sunshine!!!

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