Saturday, May 15, 2010

15 May

so Sam, Abbya nd I took off to Mt Vernon...checked out the house, did some shopping and had dinner with an online friend from Canada! She was headed back from Disneyland to Canada and we figured out that once we move into our house in Mt Vernon, Christy and family will only be a short drive away! They live just across the border in Canada!What would be great is to be able to drive across the border and see them, but we will have to see about that! Sam made out with a few things from Old Navy and a shirt and pair of shoes from Kohl's....Abby's treat this week was a $5 beach towel from Old Navy and she also got her face painted at Old Navy {they ere celebrating their grand re-opening}...I also picked out an outfit each for Abby and Peyton {2/$12} at Kohl's and found a fabulous shirt for Matt on he clearance rack for $6!!! Will be nice to live so close where I can check deals out weekly! So we were checking out at Kohl's and Abby saw a Toy Story Book and Buzz Lightyear stuffed animal and wanted to get them for Peyton! Best part was they were only $5 each and all the proceeds went to a children's fund! Peyton is laying in his bed with his Buzz Lightyear now! Ben went to a birthday party {while we were gone} and ended up spending the night...So Peyton and I are the only 2 still awake and that is because Peyton slept for like 3 hours this afternoon after we left! And Matt is having trouble with his neck again so he is asleep on the sofa with the heating pad on :( so I am going to bed and will update you gus tomorrow!

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