Thursday, May 13, 2010

14 May

so I had to take the day off because Ben, Abby and Peyton all went to the dentist! Ben had another tooth pulled and some sealants put on...Abby got her teeth cleaned and got watermelon fluoride! and Peyton just got a look see and some fluroide....Abby has a cross bite and Peyton's teeth were perfect and white! So they are good to go except for Ben having to go back for 1 more tooth to be pulled and maybe a we will see....they all got balloons and new toothbrushes{and of coarse Abby got Princess and the Frog!} and were pretty happy about it! I then treated them to McDonalds and got Ben Taco Bell {since it was soft food and he could chew it easy :)}...we got new pics of the house, they look pretty much the same as the other day except there are a few more windows installed....that's it for now...gonna go ceck it out again this weekend...promised Sam I would take her to Old Navy on the next payday~I am also going to meet one of the girls on the message board {she is heading back to Canada drom Sea=tac airport} and they are gonna stop in MT Vernon for dinner on Sat!!! Kinda excited to get to met an online friend! So that's it for now :)

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