Sunday, May 9, 2010

09 May

We had dinner with Colleen and family on Thrusday night since they hit the rode for MD on Friday....
We made a trip to MT Vernon today and checked out the house. I cannot BELIEVE how BIG it is!!!! I can't wait for it to be done now!!!! Abby and I also stopped at deception pass and took a few pics! It was BEAUTIFUL outside today! We then headed to Old Navy and got a couple things for mom, dad and Sam...
Then once we got home Abby wanted to try out her little roller skates she got for XMAS in the backyard! Gotta LOVE her sense of sty;e {shorts, and long sleeve shirt!!!}...
Abby easily entertained in the box!!!

sam being sam while we were at the COnvergance Zone!!!

Cinco de Mayo!

Judy with her adopted grandkids :)

My new Converse Tennies!

It's Matt's day!!!

Abby trying out her skates!!!!

Ben's day!!!!

The house!! It's HUGE!!!!!

p.s. matt says "did any of your kids wish yo Happy Mother's Day", I said "Nope" and at the same time Ben says "Happy Mother's Day"...too cute!

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